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Clinical Guidelines

Clinical Guidelines From Around the World

There are many Clinical Guidelines covering almost all major branches of orthodox medicine. One search engine produced a massive 1,480,962 web pages for the words 'clinical guidelines'. Such guidelines originate from professional bodies, trade unions to various educational organisations. It is generally thought that Clinical Guidelines express a consensus of experts' opinions in a particular field of medicine. Perhaps, there are many more such guidelines which are not in the public domain, but aimed at a particular group of practitioners attached to a specific hospital group or an organisation.

Obviously, adhering to any recommended guideline/s will much depend on the country of practice and the rules & regulations which govern such guidelines; in a legal sense, are they really enforceable? It might be an interesting exercise to compare and evaluate various guidelines from different parts of the world. However, like many things in modern medicine, such Clinical Guidelines will require regular review in tandem with new scientific discoveries and technological developments; otherwise, they will lose their credibility.

Medical-Journals.com will not be accepting any blame or liability for placing undue reliance upon the content set out on this page. However, anyone is free to read. We are not responsible for unavailability of any pages linked from this site.

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