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Welcome to Medical-Journals.com

Since year 2000 we have been linking to medical journals from all over the world. Our uniquely arranged database lists both free and subscriber-only journals. Additionally, we archive the following: editorials from eleven leading journals, selected research papers, medico-legal articles and judgments from UK courts. Medical-Journals.com is UK based and not affiliated to any specific journal publisher. We have thousands of registered users. You can also find us by visiting www.medicaljournals.co.uk .To find out about all of the services we provide and how to find the information you need, please >> Read More



New Persistent Breathlessness--Interactive Grand Round


New Artificial Pancreas Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes; Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis FT


Self-Management of An Inferior ST-Segment Elevation MI FT


Progressive Type II Respiratory Failure--Grand Round FT


Coffee Consumption and Health: Review of Meta-Anlayses of Multiple Health Outcomes FT


Potential Health Implications Related to Fracking


Allergic Eye Disease FT


Corticosteroids for Sore Throat: A Clinical Practice Guideline FT


A Man with Progressive Type II Respiratory Failure--Interactive Grand Round


What Caused the Spike in Mortality in England and Wales in January 2015? FT


Vitamin D Supplementation to Prevent Acute Respiratory Tract Infections FT


Diagnostic Accuracy of Multi-Parametric MRI and TRUS Biopsy in Prostate Cancer FT


British Journal of Psychiatry--January 2017 Highlights

General Headlines 2002-2016






New Dr B v GMC--restraining disclosure of an expert report,section 7(4)(b) of DPA,disclosure should be made,appeal allowed by majority--Court of Appeal Judgment(28.6.18)


New General Optical Council v Clarke--appeal against order to quash erasure,judge's approach to impairment erroneous,allowed to withdraw name from register and no further action with regard to sanction--Court of Appeal Judgment(25.6.18)


New Hewes v West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust & Others--quada equina syndrome,alleged negligence,application to strike out/summary judgment, no reasonable prospect of success against third defendant--High Court Judgment(05.6.18)


New Lesforis v Tolias--spinal surgery,inappropriate early prescription of antithrombotic medication,negligence--High Court Judgment(21.5.18)


New HJ v Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust--brith injury, compromised negligence claim,dispute as to expert's evidence relating to quantum,appeal dismissed--High Court Judgment(21.5.18)


NAX v King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust--congenital benign brain tumours,alleged negligent treatment following neurosurgery,claim dismissed--High Court Judgment(18.5.18)


Harrap v Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust--alleged negligence for failure to arrange cardiology review, claim discontinued on third day of trial,costs--High Court Judgment(09.5.18)


Dr Arunachalam v GMC--sexual misconduct, appeal against erasure,flawed decision set aside and substituted with 12 months suspension--High Court Judgment(08.2.18)


Dr Gregg v North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust--Trust in breach of the implied term of trust & confidence in refusing to adjourn disciplinary process and proceed to convene an alternative disciplinary process,not entitled to stop salary by reason of interim suspension--High Court Judgment(27.02.18)


Dr Miller & Another v The Health Service Commissioner for England--appeal against dismissal of judicial review, investigation biased by pre-determination, aspects of poor practice,ombudsman's decision quashed--Court of Appeal Judgment(15.2.18)


Hassell v Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Trust--failure to obtain proper informed consent for surgery, £4.4 million damages--High Court Judgment(06.2.18)


GMC v Dr Bawa-Garba--manslaughter by gross negligence, suspended sentence,12 month suspension, truly exceptionally bad failings, systemic failings,personal responsibility, tribunal did not give due weight to jury's verdict,sanction substituted with erasure--High Court Judgment(25.01.18)


Cameron v Ipswich Hospitals NHS Trust--cauda equina syndrome, significant risks,early decompression surgery was not reasonable and should not have been offered, claim fails--High Court Judgment(18.01.18)


Dr Yusuff v GMC--further suspension following review hearing, appeal against finding of impairment and sanction fails--High Court Judgment(10.01.18)


GMC v Dr Raychaudhuri--appeal against decision that fitness to practice not impaired by misconduct succeeds--High Court Judgment(11.12.17)


Spearman v Royal United Bath Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust--type 1 diabetes,hypoglycaemia and confusion,falling/jumping from flat roof, Occupiers Liability Act, liability established--High Court Judgment(04.12.17)


TW(a Child) v Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust--failure to invite patient to attend hospital during first telephone call, consequent hypoxia & brain damage, obstetric negligence--High Court Judgment(04.12.17)

 JMX v Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals NHS Trust--placental abruption,brain injury,should not have been allowed home on due date of delivery, not properly adviced to return, obstetric negligence--High Court Judgment(30.11.17)


Meadows v Dr Khan--wrongful birth claim,cost of raising child, haemophilia and autism,admitted negligence,£9,000,000 damages--High Court Judgment(23.11.17)


GMC v Dr Krishnan--finding of not dishonest quashed in view of new legal test (Ivey) for dishonesty, second limb to Ghosh test should not be applied--High Court Judgment(20.11.17)


GMC v Dr Michalak--employment tribunal can hear discrimination claims against GMC/qualification bodies,section 120(7) of the Equality Act,judicial review inappropriate in such claims--Supreme Court Judgment(01.11.17) summary

GMC v Dr Chaudhary--ritual circumscision,inadequate examination, decsion quashed in part, fitness to practise impaired but no further action by GMC or MPTS--High Court Judgment(05.10.17)

Dr Brookman v GMC--allegation of sexually motivated examination, MPTS hearing two and a half years after allegation,erasure & suspension quashed without remitter,conduct of parties,appellant's costs reduced--High Court Judgment(29.9.17)


XX v Whittington Hospital NHS Trust--failure to detect cancer from smear tests, invasive cancer of cervix, negligence, quantum--High Court Judgment(18.9.17)


Mr Irvine v GMC--failure to have adequate insurance for private practice,misconduct due to dishonesty, erasure, appeal fails--High Court Judgment(14.8.17)


GMC v Dr Nwachuku---dishonesty,warning,tribunal's finding regarding misconduct was wrong,case remitted to tribunal for sanction--High Court Judgment(10.8.17)


JRM v King's College Hospital Foundation Trust--OL presentation,forceps delivery, excessive force, spinal cord injury,obstetric negligence--High Court Judgment(01.8.17)


Rose v R(Rev1)--optometrist's negligence,failure to examine back of eye,gliosis & hydrocephalus,gross negligence manslaughter,reasonable forseeability,serious & obvious risk of death,misdirection of jury,conviction quashed--Court of Appeal(Criminal Division) Judgment(31.7.17)


GMC v Dr Jagjivan--sexually motivated conduct,tribunal's finding substituted on appeal,first appeal by GMC under new powers--High Court Judgment(26.5.17)

ABC v St George's Healthcare NHS Trust & Others--Huntington's Disease,failure to inform genetic disease to family, duty of care, case remitted for trial--Court of Appeal Judgment(16.5.17)

Dr Day v Health Education England & Others--proper construction of s43 Employment Rights Act 1996,whistleblowing,appeal succeeds and remitted to fresh tribunal--Court of Appeal Judgment (05.5.17)


Willmott v The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust--cementless knee replacement, subsequent diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis, alleged negligence,appeal dismissed--Court of Appeal Judgment(23.3.17)


Dr Banerjee v GMC--application to restore to register,alleged unfair hearing, tone & content of panel,appeal dismissed--Court of Appeal Judgment(24.2.17)


Haywood v University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust--stroke following post-caesarian infection, discharge without further tests to exclude post-operative infection, negligence--High Court Judgment(23.2.17)


Webster(a Child) v Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust--cord compression,cerebral palsy,applying Bolam instead of Montgomery,appeal allowed--Court of Appeal Judgment(13.2.17)

Mr Oyesanya v GMC--57-day hearing at tribunal,three month suspension, Bar Pro Bono Unit, appeal slimmed down to manageable proportions,adjournment granted--High Court Judgment(25.1.17)


Dr Abbas v GMC--persistent dishonesty, erasure, appeal fails--High Court Judgment(20.1.17)


Wood & Another v TUI Travel Plc(t/a First Choice)--breach of s4(2),Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982,tour operator held liable for food poisoning whilst on 'all inclusive' holiday--Court of Appeal Judgment(16.1.17)


Dr Harding v British Medical Association--alleged negligence in completion of ET1,omission of whistleblowing claim,appeal against strike-out decision succeeds--High Court Judgment(10.1.17)

Medico-Legal Headlines 2002-2016