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UK's Biggest Free Portal for Medical Journals

Welcome to Medical-Journals.com

Since year 2000 we have been linking to medical journals from all over the world. Our uniquely arranged database lists both free and subscriber-only journals. Additionally, we archive the following: editorials from eleven leading journals, selected research papers, medico-legal articles and judgments from UK courts. Medical-Journals.com is UK based and not affiliated to any specific journal publisher. We have thousands of registered users. You can also find us by visiting www.medicaljournals.co.uk .To find out about all of the services we provide and how to find the information you need, please >> Read More



New Britihsh Journal of Psychiatry--April Highlights


New Tonsillar Asymmetry from a Parotid Tumour FT


New Deaths from "Legal Highs":A Problem of Definitions FT


New Drug Treatment of Epilepsy in Adults FT


New British Jr of Psych--March Highlights


New Pancreatic Safety of Incretin-Based Drugs FT


New British Journal of Ophthalmology--March Highlights


New Change in Mental Health After Smoking Cessation FT


Postherpetic Neuralgia summary


Tripe Palms FT


Only Just the Beginning of the End of Hepatitis C FT


Researchers Probe the Aging Brain in Health and Disease FT


Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa FT


British Journal of Psych--January Highlights


Mom At Bedside,Appears Calm FT


The Optimal Practice of Evidence-Based Medicine FT


British Journal of Psychiatry--December Highlights


Type I Diabetes: New Year, New Future? FT


Cutaneous and Gastrointestinal Purpura FT


British Journal of Psychiatry--November Highlights


Cold Hands Associated with Scleroderma FT


Truth versus Myth on Mental Illness,Suicide, and Crime FT


Pronator Drift FT


Cardiovascular Safety of Diabetes Drugs FT


Glycemic Management in a Patient with Type 2 Diabetes FT


Screening for Glaucoma:US Preventive Tasks Force Statement FT


British Jr of Psych--October Highlights


Uremic Pericarditis FT


Economic Recession and Suicide FT

Chronic Care Management for Dependance on Alcohol and Other Drugs FT


Different Combined Oral Contraceptives and the Risk of Venous Thrombosis FT


Trauma and Tranexamic Acid FT


Abusive Prescribing of Controlled Substances FT


British Jr of Psychiatry--September Highlights


Staphylococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome FT

From Haemochromatosis to Liver Transplant FT


Zolpidem and Driving Impairment FT


Improved Blood Pressure Control Associated with a Large-Scale Hypertension Program FT


Frontotemporal Dementia FT



General Headlines 2002-2013






New Tippett v Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital NHS Foundation Trust--CTG trace,cerebral palsy,claim dismissed--High Court Judgment(01.4.14)


New Why the Law on Psychiatric Harm Must Change FT


New Fynes v St George's Hospital NHS Trust--injunctive/declaratory relief,MHPS--High Court Judgment(18.3.14)


New Mr Lu v Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust--re-entry programme to surgical practice,alleged breach of terms of employment contract--High Court Judgment(13.3.14)


New Dunhill v Burgin--mental capacity to conduct and compromise legal proceedings--Supreme Court Judgment(12.3.14)


New Duce v Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust--neuropathic post-operative pain following hysterectomy,alleged negligence,real prospect of success--Court of Appeal Judgment(12.3.14)


New Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust v LM--lawful to withhold blood transfusion--High Court Judgment(26.2.14)


New Leigh v London Ambulance Service NHS Trust--delayed arrival of ambulance, consequential PTSD,dissociative seizures,damages--High Court Judgment(20.2.14)


New Webley v St George's Hospital NHS Trust and The Metropolitan Police--serious head injury whilst detained under Mental Health Act,liability established--High Court Judgment(14.2.14)


Meiklejohn v St George's Healthcare NHS Trust & Homerton University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust--dyskeratosis congenita, alleged negligence,appeal fails--Court of Appeal Judgment(13.2.14)


Dr Kayani v University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust--NHS pay scale,increment point--EAT Judgment (12.12.13)


Northumbaland Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust v Dr Geoghegan--disability discrimination, victimisation, failure to give proper & sufficient reasons--EAT Judgment(29.1.14)


Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v AA & Others--mental capacity,bipolar disorder,pregnancy--High Court Judgment(28.1.14)


C v North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust--was it negligent for a midwife to administer second dose of a drug that induces labour?--High Court Judgment(23.1.14)


Dr Bhatnagar v GMC--seeking termination of interim suspension order--High Court Judgment(11.11.13)


Talking with Patients about Other Clinicians' Errors FT


Orwell v Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust--timing of the onset of 'compartment syndrome', alleged clinical negligence--High Court Judgment(28.10.13)


Dr El-Baroudy v GMC--findings of impairment and sanction quashed,rehearing ordered--High Court Judgment(05.8.13)


Dr Malik v GMC--wrong to continue suspension--High Court Judgment(08.8.13)


R(on application of D) v GMC--decision to waive 'five year rule', judicial review, decision quashed--High Court Judgment(23.9.13)


Dr Drew v Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust--unfair dismissal,religion discrimination,appeal fails--EAT Judgment(20.9.13)


How Not to Run a Professional Disciplinary Case (31.7.13) pdf


A NHS Trust v DE & Others--learnining disability,mental capacity,vasectormy-case summary(27.8.13); Full Text Judgment(16.8.13)



Medico-Legal Headlines 2002-2013