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While some scientists squabble over the new genome discoveries (and look for ways of making more money) we thought we will concentrate on the future impact of those findings on the wider public. Genome World™ intends to explore the modern genetic discoveries and their future implications on our day-to-day life, in a simple, but systematic manner. Following the roots of Medical-Journals.com,we aim to link all online information covering genetic developments in a methodical and easy-to-access style. Jargon busting and simplicity will be in the forefront at all times. Where necessary, Genome World™ will provide its own, unbiased, and frank opinion on appropriate matters.

Future impact of genome discoveries will not only be on disease-prevention, diagnosis and treatment, but will also extend to some areas of the law, insurance and biotechnology industries. Indeed, costs implications (like in many other areas of medicine) will eventually decide the level of gene-benefits to the human race. However, in an uncertain world--the speed of  change and start of real benefits to the wider public--will remain a matter of speculation for some time to come. Already, 'genetic testing' by some insurance companies, has provoked a considerable public debate. Such sensitive issues will create some important ethical and legal dilemmas as we move on. We cannot forget the DNA's established involvement in crime prevention & detection: will the future developments have a greater impact on areas like crime detection, and if so, how long will it be, before we notice any appreciable change?.

Hope the above will give a flavour of things to come, and Genome World™ is looking forward to delivering that to you. In the meantime, please follow the links on this page.



Updated:  05 August 2020

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